Fall Makeup Trendsss

With fall on its way we can’t all help but think about how were going to look.
Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Makeup.
Clothing has been stressed in all the magazines, Dark Colours with splashes of red.
Heavy knits and grunge making a comeback, loose pants seen in Marc Jacobs with lame finishes.
Glamorous relaxation is all the rage.
Here’s the problem I’ve encountered: what kind of makeup are we too wear with all of the new trends and fashions?
Personally I think lipstick is going to make a comeback Dark purples Scarlet reds and nudes. All worn with Nudes greige [ grey | beige] eyes little to no mascara and a full not overdone brow. Gold will also be making a comeback subtle eyes with a nude lip. Not pin-up gold, black and red; none of that.
Peach cheeks will also become very popular, however blush and bronzer will not be hot on their own they’ll be a combo or none at all.
Appallingly pretty will be the new Black.

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