I can Say No

So since i've come to school i have dressed up twice. The first time was for an office hoe and Ceos party for which i wore a white shirt, glasses, pencil skirt, black thigh highs and oxfords. 
last night was the second time i dressed up. i dressed up as a Russian spy and wore a traditional eastern european embroidered blouse, fur vest pencil skirt, fur hat, black thigh highs and booties.
have you spotted any similarities ?
Black Thigh High socks.
I'm convinced they're coming back. 
a skirt with bare legs and oxfords - hot .
a skirt with thigh highs and oxfords- sexy.
it doesn't really seem like there'd be a huge difference but there is.
unsure why but it might be because people think that they should be held up by garters i don't know. however i am concluding that thigh highs are the new bare leg. so go to american apparel and pick up a pair not only will they keep your legs warm but they'll also make you look hot.

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