alright so something happened to me two nights ago that really made me think.

A wise man once said to me while i was dressed up in costume and wearing red lipstick, "not enough girls wear lipstick for the hell of it" .... it was something along those lines. and well i couldn't agree more with what he said .

it's true, you know back when  my mom was a teenager lipstick was a common thing everyone wore it. However now a days it's all about lip-stains or lip gloss or maybe just Chapstick, i think it's time our generation spiced things up and started wearing it.

I personally will start wearing it more often to see if we can get this movement going, my two favourite colours i own are a dark purple and a "fire-engine" red- Both Lancome : )

And if you don't know what type of colours suit you best follow this guide i am posting and you'll have no trouble at all , Happy Lipstick swiping !
Great little Lipstick Guide

LOVE These Chanel Lipsticks.
S.O Fashion.

P.S: Dear world thank you for having IJB say what he did.

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