as far as i'm concerned, none of you matter...

Oh Sex..
it's everybody's favourite topic isn't it.
no it's not my favourite although you might think it is .
Sex is one of those things that people talk about because it's interesting, knowing what people like in bed is like knowing someone on a deeper level.
doesn't actually matter if you've slept with them , well it does, but for arguments sake at the moment simply knowing certain facts about them reveals more than we could imagine.
it's the funniest thing.
so positions.
i have a distant friend, strictly friend, who well, he likes sex and sometimes seems like a complete asshole.
they're all like that though aren't they.
and well i figured that a guy like that would like the standard doggie style , but surprise he doesn't .
he likes missionary...
i found it weird just cause certain positions say alot about you and well that position just didn't reinforce what i already knew about him.
this is slightly all based on my opinion so i don't care too much what you have to say . thanks

Doggie style : all about gettin it done, basic not too creative, more primal -a plain guy.
Missionary: more innocent , or not as adventurous or energetic.
Cowgirl: cowgirl is a tricky one. it has to do with the appreciation of a woman and being dominated. slightly a lazy man's position and definitely more into the rack than the ass.
Reverse Cowgirl: definitely an "assman" however this position seems to be preferred by guys who are usually (not always) slightly jerks.
Standing sex: a controlling man who likes to be rough in bed.

Although there are a million different positions those are the foundation of all the others.
hmm tomorrows topic will be something most girls don't talk about.
the big M word.

Before you go disagreeing with everything i've said i feel as though i should mention i did used sources, no need for a bibliography because they would like to remain anonymous but it's not like i'm just pulling this shit out of nowhere.

S.O Fashion

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