I am Julia Roberts...

Okay so this is sort of following my last post .
this has sort of turned into an online diary slash a "who the fuck knows".
well... in Eat Pray Love
Julia Roberts loses her love and decides to embark on a journey that's all about her.
god she was so right in everything she did it seemed didn't it.
she says fuck it and leaves everything behind to be selfish and figure shit out.
so for the next while i'm gunna say fuck it to the stupid part of the world . aka straight boys
and do whatever the fuck i wanna do.
imma be productive and do me as best as i can.
Drawing. Blogging. Running etc..

aka imma be a creative power bitch with a tight ass.
and coming to this realization feels better than ever.

& then we'll see what happens..

S.O Fashion

p.s: with loveee

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