When you think of the number one supa model in this world who is it ... Kate Moss right ?
Now that we've gotten that little tid bit out of the way, let's talk about this interview she's recently done with Nick Knight.  She's candid and cool and she does't agree with the interviewer on everything like some interviewee's do.

She talks about Mario Sorrenti and his obsession with her and at first it seems a little bit over drawn but then you open up google and you find the images that she refers to and  you think ... holy shit he was seriously obsessed. Even capturing her on the loo.

It's interesting because i think we all have this idea of what she's supposed to be like but you open an interview and you see her and hear the things she says and she seems so unfazed by her fame and notoriety. She's grateful but she seems so passé about it which makes her even more cool for not caring - she's real.

Here are some snipers from other interviews of hers that i've found and likes. its strange to think of her as a person and not just an icon. she expands into reality.

INTERVIEW: Does that mean you, like your fellow countrymen and women, were excited beyone belief about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge delivering a future king to England?
MOSS: I love the Royal Family. The Queen, she's fabulous.
INTERVIEW: Have you met the Queen?
MOSS: Yeah, I have. 

INTERVIEW: Still, a runway the first few times must have been daunting.
MOSS: When I started, a lot of the models were still doing their own makeup. Now that's just unheard of. Now you'd never go in and do your own makeup before a show. I never did that—I couldn't. The first time I went to Paris for John [Galliano]'s show, no one knew that I was even a model. All the girls were lined up, and I remember Stéphane Marais said to me, "Are you in the show?" I said, "Yeah." He's like, "Who are you in the show?" I said, "I'm Lolita." He's like, "Oh my god, get her done quick." [laughs] I was just sitting there all day. I'd been there since, like, 10 in the morning. They just didn't take me for a model. 


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