Welcome to new found hardship

So by now we all know Bruce Jenner is no more.. Caitlyn has sprung and she is confident and strong and beautiful.

 The cover for Vanity Fair is absolutely amazing it sheds light on something so many people struggle with... being their true selves. Whether this is a gender association issue or a sexuality thing or even not being comfortable with yourself we've understood some sort of hardship or trouble... but here's the thing.
Caitlyn emerged and all anyone is talking about is ... her appearance ? seriously...
She goes through an extremely changing and difficult part of her life and we're analyzing her breasts and wrinkles and general appearance, not to be blunt but are you fucking kidding me ?
She looks great but more than that she is stronger than most people out there, myself included.

[In case you missed it Jon Stewart had a thing or two to say about this]
People will always have negative things to say but that's because they are rude and mean spirited and immature. truth. some people will never understand what it takes.

I applaud Caitlyn she has shown such strength and has given others encouragement to be their own selves.
I hope she continues empowering others the same way Laverne Cox has.

However please note that Caitlyn's transgender coming out is far from the norm. The statistics for transgender people are devastating.
To read up about the reality of their world click here for additional information.


ps go be you . go be happy, kill em' with kindness.

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