Re designed & Re-inclined

Well crap.
Here goes this blog of mine!

 I used to write on this thing so often when I was younger. I used to talk about fashion and artists and things going on in my life; but it would appear life got in the way of what I like/love, isn't that how it always goes.

To be completely honest, I sort of hated the branding of my blog. I liked it as something I created on illustrator but it wasn't really a representation of me.
I've changed the look of the blog to give it a more " this is my diary where I write all my interests" kind of look. I feel re-inspired to educate myself about all the things going in the world because I now feel as though I have an honest space where I can write about my opinions, it feels quite great.

So... I hope when I write you'll understand that its coming straight from me.
If you have any interesting topics you'd like to see on the blog let me know !


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