Chapped lipssss. . .

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new era . the era where fashion is about imagination and preferences.
alright soo ... Today on glorious february 8th it was Value Villages 50 % off sale.
I know what your thinking . YESSSS!!!
it was glorious
walking into the store/ not really a store more like a building filled with other peoples treasures. nonetheless when i walked in the stench of sweet mothballs met me at the automatic doors. it was like god meeting me at the pearly gates. destiny.
so as i walked in i felt defeated , knowing that its extremely difficult to find anything i decided i had to just go for it!
so i did and well i found great things. i found a faded baby blue leather jacket with four clasps , shoulder pads and a huge collar. its glorious. never in my life have i been so lucky.
i also found a Gap pea coat, i'm not sure how i feel about these coats however i feel as if i should have one because they look preppy and clean and well one never knows when this loo may be needed.
i also got a lace vest a wool laderhossen styled vest. and a large sweater and a few other random shirts that i could not begrudge myself (well shirts i would not let my mother begrudge me of ) .........Sweet.
i cant even wait to wear my findings. however I do not yet fel ready to wear the shoulder pads in the jacket so i think i might remove them for the sake of my femininity.
so we'll see but i promise pictures are on their way ..
ps. Toronto get ready : )

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