history... his story. her story . OUR story.

sitting down determined to draw. it's not easy right. usually what people decide to do is to find inspiration. this can be from a TV show a celebrity music, whatever gets your creative juices flowing .
but the majority of us .. i think , use history to influence what we draw. we choose a moment in time that we think will become important (for whatever reason ) to the world.
sometimes its not just that "time" that was important but more specifically its elemets of that fashion that makes it unique .
ex. elizabethan ages .... jewellery . carefully decorated and woven gold thread. delicate and intricate things. time.

so if almost every age in time has something they are famous for what will we be ??
ya i said it what will we be known for ?
we wear clothing because we have to not because we want to or should love to. its become a chore not a hobby. not something that should be done with time and thought. it should be something we look forward to.
Remember when Marie Antoinette gets dressed and everyone is watching her . Eyes transfixed on what she chooses to do because she's brilliant. well what happened to that.
Did we all forget what it feels like for someone to compliment us or did we just stop caring.
caring . lazy. lazy.
money is something we have and want not something we need . its not a necessity its a priviledge. expressing ourselves through the art of clothing is beautiful and frankly its taken for granted far too often. so next time you leave look at the time the mirror and yourself.
the time it took you.
when looking in the mirror we sometimes get lost .
but if you really see yourself and how you feel you will understand the art of dressing.
the act itself is magic.
Applying layers of clothing removes layers of insecurities and adds layers of beauty .
.inside and out.

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