books and clothes

So .i . . . . . . was originally going to write about these books that i just cant help but want to write about however i think ill save that for tomorrow.
ok so instead I'm going to write about something very familiar to all of us- clothing.
Ah yes clothing . Do not get confused i will not teach you how to dress yourself.. however if you need help feel free to ever ask questions about outfit ideas etc..
Alright so today i was sitting in front of my closet and i literally had no inspiration whatsoever to get dressed. it was literally the most depressing thing i have ever experienced in my entire life.
so i have these pants that i love they look like skinny pant dress pants, but they aren't. they are like really thick leggings that look sophisticated and have pockets and a zipper and everything , and like well i definitely wore them tuesday and wednesday and well today was thursday and i kind of hesitated to wear them a little, but i said fuck it and wore them anyways cause well they look good and make me feel good.
if it looks good do it!
i know this seems like a random post but i was just thinking that cause well i felt awkward wearing the same thing more than 1 day in a row. k thanks

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