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Forever21 Uses Funhouse Mirrors To Make Customers Think They're Hotter Than They Are

It's no secret that Forever21 can be a bit of a circus—with all of the under-$20 steals, you're competing with pushing hoards also vying for bargain buys. But it seems like they're running another kind of circus too. Turns out, as Budget Fashionista found out, the cheap-clothes mega-store tactically tilts its mirrors to make you look slimmer, and installs warm, amber-hued lighting in dressing rooms that smooths skin surfaces and gives you an irresistible need-this-dress-now glow. If not for Forever21's bogus return policy (i.e. practically none&mdashthey only offer in-store credit), we wouldn't be too concerned with their foolery. But in this case, we're suggesting that this might be one time you should bring a friend along to offer a real-life opinion. Otherwise, once you leave the store, you may be pissed that you're stuck with your new dud...well, forever.

ahahah the truest article i've ever read!

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