life isn't sexy enough.

alright so this is a post i feel very strong about.
alright i wish that life was sexier and riskier. nowadays everything is so bland, there's no bite no passion.
we need to bring back the sex.
the heels the lipstick , the mystery.
nowadays girls are walking around with frizzy platinum blonde hair,huge hooker hoop earrings dark eye makeup, and cheap clothes.
it all just screams trying.
i want the days where women wore knee length skirts and let their underskirts peek out.
the days where women had seams in the back of their hosiery and black patent heels.
the days where sexy didn't mean having your nipples out your thong peeking and and a short skirt.
sexy is classy,sexy is mysterious. sexy is everything that i never see anymore.

personally i think the strongest element of sexy is mystery.
masquerades always prove to be the sexiest.
i'm sort of wishing there was a club and before you entered you put on a mask.
it was like cover.
and the club had stripper poles and aerialists, popping champagne, velvet, leather diamonds.
essentially the moulin rouge but with masks.

S.O Fashion
p.s:dear justin, you never really brought sexy back.*sigh*

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