hmm hi ho

ok so today i've felt like shit. like just a completely good for nothing mood.
it's like someone slapped me with a moody stick. and no i don't have my period. 
but anyways i've been all bitchy-ish, lazy and sluggish and now i have a surge of creativity. 
i got my grades back from Post-secondary and turns out i'm mad good at fashion.
aka all A's.
and then my new next door neighbour, turns out she works for MAC, Estee Lauder, Tom ford and some other bitchin labels. 
and well she brought be a BUNCH of makeup and is going to make another "gift bag with more neutral tones for you"
i love her.
and so now i feel creative. it's cute how that works. 
i wanna do makeup and take pictures and edit and basically make a fashion magazine. 
ye we are aiming high but fuck it.
and since she brought colours it makes me wanna look at glitter and beautifully bright and perky pictures.
aka the pictures found below feature some pretty subjects that perk me up.
gorgeous strappy heels, that should be made of suede.
Louboutins that should be in SATC.

Vacations, tropics.


beautiful people in kitten masks

Blackberry, Asian character Keychain, and bold colours.
Mushy Creation of pure goodness
 S.O Fashion

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