will this be forever...

so school is over and i've pretty much just been hanging out at school until thursday.
you know what i hate, i hate that i miss school. miss the business miss the madness.
i hate that without direction from others i'm totally useless.
i feel unable to want to do anything and if it was possible for me to stay in a permanent state of tired i might actually lay in bed all day.
but in a sunny room with white bra and undies. something light and ethereal.
not one of those gloomy rooms.
most days I just hate being at home. not because or the people or anything but i just feel like if i'm up i need to get out. I need to leave the room need to go somewhere.
when i feel completely unable to REALLY go anywhere i take my brain and i just remove it and distract myself with images.
i usually go on post secret or weheartit.com or other blogs or stumble upon.

i just hate feeling completely lonely, and strangely enough the pictures help me forget.

so, i feel as though i should help distract yo from whatever you may not want to think about.
distract you with a fantasy and beautiful images. enjoy.
made for walkin

perfect fit

chains and whips excite me.



i love alcohol

S.O Fashion

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