college finito. el salvador.

alright so if you scroll back to my very first blog post this all began with college.
the day i applied for college i created this beauty.
 she's evolved a little , taken on a new form , became someone.
well i feel as though i should let you know that my first year was INCREDIBLE.
i've learned so much and i already feel well on my way to becoming the person i want to be.
we never truly realize how much we like things until a moment, just one.

sounds a little silly.
but this year at the third years UNBOUND fashion show i got a small adrenaline rush thinking about how great it feels to be doing what i want.
just a feeling of certainty.
 so in celebration of me being brilliant & humble here some snap shots.

what i would do to float.






S.O Fashion

Ps: bonjour chérie.

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