Needs to happen More.

Today is friday .
i have done nothing.
i woke up watched I am Number Four & fell in love with Teresa Palmer.
her native australian accent her wavy blonde hair and her glow made my heart melt ahah
well due to my recent sickness and slight laziness i lay in the sun all day.
and well i felt like a sun goddess.

sunscreen, water, iPod, towel bikini, and sweat.

after lying in the sun for an hour i got slightly too hot and came inside and looked in the mirror , i had the nicest sun glow, no makeup hair in a dirty bun and well i felt really pretty. sounds weird right

sweaty, hair in a bun, no makeup.

that last part is something i think too many girls find themselves unable to deal with- no makeup.

well it felt great.
the only thing i think any of us truly need this summer is bronzer sunscreen, lip chap and Catwalk Frisky Scrunching Gel.

i have fallen back in love with this stuff, it's so good it gives your hair a tousled and messy look without over gelling your hair.
too be honest i never really don't wear makeup, whether it's concealer or mascara i just cant help it but i think for summer i'm gunna stop cause it's just a needless layer for my skin, clogs my pores ,melts and makes me spend my money.

 nobody ever sees me without makeup .
i dont look that much different but i feel different. exposed.

here's me sans makeup.

S.O Fashion

i promise to like myself better without makeup.

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