Reign in the summer, and the boys

Well little fashion monsters i have good news for you.
1. yesterday i spent time with a cute boy
2. i woke up with a vampire bite
3.i didn't wear a bra all night
4. my boobs gave me a hug this morning

So yesterday i went to Joe Fresh with my mom because i wanted to buy some cute boxers and that i did.
i also bought a spaghetti strap tanktop with a built in bra.
So in sizing usually i'm a size small but i bought the tank in XS. i just was not feeling a bra yesterday so i let the girls run wild and free and they were loving it.
i FULLY recommend wearing a bra as little as possible.
my tits felt free.
and yes you can quote me on that.
also due to the fact that i have become a running machine i have been getting fit and actually seeing results and all in all i feel incredible.
got my nails done and my beach tan on.
so i feel like a fucking rockstar ahaha
Love the porcelain pattern on this tank top. super flirty for summer and if you can go braless i say "fuck yes."

currently trying to get in touch with my creative side but i find it extremely difficult . why i have no idea i'm debating cleaning the crap out of my room today and making it into a studio ... any thoughts ?

mmm Leighton Meester so gorgeous, i love that her parents are in prison , showing everyone that we aren't our parents.

getting in touch with nature lately and i wouldn't mind living in such a gorgeously sweet enchanted forest such as this one aha

and drugs because well, its a sick picture ahah

S.O Fashion

read it n' weep bitches

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