Anaemic Bitch fails at life

gah i've been so lazy lately, possibly due to my ridiculous anaemia.

anyways i used my gorgeous utorrret to upload all seasons of Gossip Girl... so beautiful.
and well it's got me thinking about a few things.

1. the clothes are ridiculously gorgeous.
why do celebrities dress so glamorous?
it's a trick they don't and neither do you, they simply do small things to tweak their wardrobe,jewellery, and accessories.
also they always have such beautiful fabrics on, so next paycheque i'm going and buying myself a silk slinky kimono, sexy .. yess.

2. The characters in movies and shows OWN themselves, they are 100 % sure of who they are because they have been given a script.
it sort of intrigues me to wonder if we are 100% who we think we are or if in real life we flip flop.
but then i think of people in history and recognize how concrete they are, ex : Chanel.
bitch was crazy.

she made the tan popular, said fuck to love had sex with men and became famous.
she smoked and drank whatever she wanted and made it cool.
she was ultimately a chic and classy rockstar of that day and age.
and well i've decided that i'm gunna follow by her example.
i'm just gunna do what i want while not being a complete fuckin idiot.

i wanna rock cool military over the shoulder slingers.

and i'm gunna be more confident.

and rock lace because it's pretty.

and i'm going to look to the past for inspiration because audrey, grace and all the others actually knew what they were doing. 
i want to encourage everyone to find someone they admire, and step outside your comfort zone so you can teach yourself how amazing you are, yes it takes time to fully embrace ourselves.

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