surprisingly uncompassionate.

well amy winehouse died today.
not surprising. 
she did alot of drugs.
sucks cause when she wasn't strung out on coke she was pretty good.
i feel bad for her family and for those who love her, i hope the best for them.

and i hope people start to realize that drugs fuck you up.
all in moderation i suppose.

anyways lately i've just been thinking out loud and one topic that has without a doubt re appeared frequently is femininity.

nothing specific about but just the topic in general i suppose.
i've started to maybe like the colour pink a little.
and well barbie seems fun.
ballet tutus and beauty just seem like a party.
pink just makes me feel like sunshine and rainbows right now.
chanel. no words but awesome.

pink lipstick woo.

above my bed.

niki minaj ain't no princess.

hello kitty reminder

the best part is the deer.

S.O Fashion

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