How chrissy got her groove back.

well. November is almost here and you know what that means !
it means it's almost lipstick month, or wacky makeup month.
i do a makeup trend everyday that i normal dont try.

should be fun seeing what i come up with. if you have any ideas e-mail me or drop a comment !

however i have some cool news, i am supposed to be working two fashion shows this week!
J.Lindeberg and FCUK in Toronto.
bought my sick outfit that i will be rocking if I get confirmed.
however if i dont' i still have a beyond sexy outfit woohoo!

anyways will keep you posted.
 however for right now i feel as though you could use a little something.
some snap shots of things that caught my interest years ago.

someone told me that i remind them of effie. not sure how.
but now this is posted.
in your face.

ahaha why do i feel as though this is such a common thing now a days.
ass hole takes girls virginity cause girl thought she loved asshole. 
then found out asshole was HUGE asshole.


i love unitards. body suits make me happy.

skinny legs are for twigs of trees not the legs of women. 
voluptuous is sexy.
don't lie to yourself.

yet to be in my closet.
this is all.

Mmm. i mixed two teas together and they're delicious.

S.O Fashion

sleep tight you little fashion fuckers 
mommy loves you aha.

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