Throwing a post together

So i have been unusually awful at keeping up with my blog, i know right shame on me.
it's cause i got overwhelmed with seeing everyone !
however i am back and going to be blogging more often than : )
so what i need YOU to do is to tell your friends. 
i want to get my followers up and my facebook likes up.

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so recently someone told me too put together a bunch of pictures to express what i thought about myself. 
these are the pictures i chose. didn't use them all but the ones i still chose them.
bag girls wear boots.

getting this tatooed on myself.

sexy liars wear masks

smart girls wear heels.

Bad girls wear studs

i chose all these pictures because theres a huge contrast between all of them. 
one thing i always tell my roomies is that i look so blonde.
i have naturally super fucking platinum hair and i like pink or red lips. 
so my problem is that it either makes me look like a hooker or a barbie 
so i like to dress a little edgier because it looks badass and cause black and tight is hot. 
barbie is not in, she is imaginary, so all you blondes stop creating this stereotype that the rest of us are trying to fight back from its annoying.

do i act like one- no.
do i talk like one- no.
i can dress like one-yes.
can i punch you in the face for treating me like one- fuck yes.

S.O Fashion

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  1. amazing :O this post should have many more comments and I love it that you dyed your hair purple because of my post *-* !