c'est L'Halloween, bor bore bored

ok so being in school my life has become rather dull.
i am not yet old enough to legally drink my face off and it is exceedingly annoying.
i would like to be as free as a bird but life has decided to with hold this privilege form me until December 17.
so since my life is so boring i've decided to do things that will up the fun-o-meter in my life.
or at least fill up the occupation tank until i graduate.
i havent yet figured out what those will be , but they should be highly productive and moderately dangerous. i want to do fun crazy shit .
i havent yet decided what all these great things are going to be but hopefully all works out ?

j'adore ca, les couleurs, les citrouilles,l'attitude, c'est charmant- sincère.

if you have any ideas as too what i should do let me know.
all activities should take place in London, ON or the GTA.
and by GTA i mean more specifically toronto.
try not too make them too expensive.

my first step that i am taking is becoming a vegetarian, soon afterwards i am going to attempt veganism, heard that shits hard, we'll see how it goes.


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