SO spunnnn

So today i am mega bored. people are spun and i am now getting drunk.
some people may consider this a problem because its only 4:30
but those people are what i like to call WRONG.

i am completing homework and dancing around because it's fun.
however this little baby post is not too tell you how i am having a fucking blast. it is too tell you that i have discovered something great.

truth be told it takes me 4 minutes to do my makeup in the morning.
1. mascara
3.face shit
4. lip stain.

however recently i have added a new member to the family.

i never really wore it before because i thought it was for old ladies. but recently i dyed my hair and it looked so awful and washed me out that i needed something more.
so i threw some on my face and it looked good.
it makes you look warm and alive.
its a great finishing touch.

the two blushes that i have been wearing are:
Makeup Forever Sculpting Blush #10

this blush is very strong. definitely be careful how you apply. don't put too much and smile when you put it on the apples of your cheeks- good technique. and also don't do those awkward blush lines they just look stupid k cool.
love this blush. it comes with a highlighter which allows you to bring some light too your face.
its also great because it doesn't require such precision when you are applying it. you can simply throw it onto your cheeks if your in a rush. 
it's definitely a blush for dummies type of product.

these are my two suggestions, try it if you'd like if not have fun having a bland face ahah.

you know you should be asleep.

S.O Fashion

ps: be as free as a bird.

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