Boxing Day Madness

Alright so i'm not big on posting during the holidays simply because i'm keen on spending time with my baba & the rest of my family but today was boxing day.

i heard that the mall was complete madness.
what is really the point of going shopping on Boxing day?
the sales last all week but the bored greedy little girls and boys rush into the malls with their wallets full of christmas cash when really they don't need anything.
it's a very silly thing you see.
You get so much for christmas and then you insist on more more more.
it's quite awful, we're just consumers stuffing our homes with more and more until finally we're left with closets full of seldomly worn clothes, makeup thats been used once and should probably thrown out because it's past its "healthy life".
books that need reading
and shoes that need wearing.
people that push and shove in bright stores
not even bothering to hold open a door.

so silly.

Have a happy boxing day and try and realize that you don't need everything

Love - S.O Fashion

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