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Ho! Ho! Ho!” - Tis the season to dress up

With the Christmas season approaching we can’t help but get excited. Soon exams will be finishing up and the first semester will be coming to a close. With homes awaiting our arrival we already have an idea of what’s in store. Purchasing gifts for parents and siblings, hanging out with friends who have also been away at school, tobogganing, hot chocolate and my favorite thing about the holidays – the parties. 
            When invited to a party we all seem to have a certain difficulty finding what to wear, is it completely casual? Black tie?
When receiving an invite one of the first things we need to do is to assess what level of fancy is appropriate. Nobody likes to be overdressed or underdressed, but anybody knows when it comes down to it it’s better to be overdressed – shows you put effort into your outfit.
Well with Christmas tis the season to be jolly and tis also the season to push things to the limits.
When dressing for holiday parties try and tweak your outfit so it helps you stand out in a crowd. No we aren’t talking about a Lady Gaga outfit but a simple statement accessory or bright heel could really change your outfit.
I find that the best way to choose what to wear for a holiday party is to look at fabric specifically color and texture. Style and cut is important but these two elements previously listed will really help you spice up your outfit.
When looking for dresses or tops etc. look for gem colors such as Emerald green, Azure, Cobalt blue, Amethyst, dark Amethyst and Topaz. These colours will really help you choose an appropriate colour for the holidays, it’ll also help you stand out in a crowd. Think of these colours as Christmas lights, they’ll brighten the room and make everything feel more festive.
Second most important is texture; texture is important because depending on the texture it shows certain richness within your outfit and having different textures (good ones) will really help add excitement. Fabrics to consider for the holidays are: Velvet , Lace, Feathers, Sequins, Chiffon, Brocade and Silk. You want to be looking at fabrics that normally you might feel to dressed up to wear to class.
When I was shopping at Joe Fresh I saw great a V-neck velvet top for “cheap cheap”. The tops were in a rich burgundy and black – a classic. If you were to pair a top such as this one with a slinky pencil skirt, gold heels and decorated yourself with great gem colored accessories you would surely be noticed. Why you ask ? because you look festive, you look appropriate for an assortment of events and because an outfit such as that one flatters a range of body types. Keep things simple and go from there, don’t overwhelm yourself and try pushing yourself past your comfort level you may be impressed with the  results.

S.O Fashion

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