Sincerest Apologies, Stay posted

Alright so i've been the biggest failure lately , i'm serious.
i just haven't done anything that i've wanted to.
i'm even convinced i eat foods that i don really want to eat but i just eat them cause they're there.
an awful thing to realize one is doing.
i haven't even read any of the magazines i've wanted to read .. pure bummer.
i always want to read in the bath because it's quiet and peaceful but i always make the water to hot to be able to stay in long enough . weird.
and then on top of that i just like to sleep in  muahah
and on top of my entire life yesterday was the worse day ever. ugh pure crap.
i just listened to Damien rice's "Delicate" and Mumford and Sons all night and let the single tear droplets roll down my rosie cheeks.

He's a genius.
i could be blissfully teary eyed listening to him forever
i love him always.

anyways i wanted to share with my readers the tremors of my worlds known as my bed.
no not tremors due to sex.
but tremors because of the large chaotic mess that shakes me.
other than my emotional masochism that allows me to never move forward.
This is my room.
featured are all the magazines that remain unread.
thrown in are so lovely free product that i received from the kindness of the world.
Gucci Envy Perfume. its greatly a winter musk.
Clarins body products
Kibio, Vichy LancomeRoc, Cliniderm etc.

i'm convinced that if i consume myself  with my feelings of adoration for the fashion industry my problems will go away. 
it might work right ?
i also just want to be as great as i know i can be , but i'm having such an internal struggle with this one. 
i feel that every time i encounter a problem and surpass it i run into something new. 
it's extremely strenuous
none the less tonight i will be attempting to move forward. we'll see how that goes.
i'm going to read magazines and look up important fashion figures and attempt to be productive.
no slow-poke shit.

i'm also pure grunge tonight it's a cute look if you ask me ahah
Sorry for the cleavage.

will blog immediately after with new topic.

S.o Fashion

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