The up and coming pain of my game

            So I am now home for Christmas Break.
Here’s the thing right. 
Because there are no teachers riding my ass I literally have no motivation ahahahah.
All I want to do is sleep, and take long baths and sit in front of my fireplace.
And I still have these really bad headaches from everything and anything. It’s the worlds biggest shame.
I’m convinced that im more sick than everyone thinks.
I thought this was funny because it’s never happened to me but maybe it’s a sign.
Ok so :

I woke up because I was having a bad dream and then I woke up and was dozing in and out until finally my alarm went off.
So I sat up and swung my upper body around and naturally my legs followed but then I stepped out of bed and my legs didn’t work.
Yea work. I know. I fell. Crashed and burned in my “Oh Lala” pajamas . Real cute if I do say so myself.
So naturally I was a little fucking surprised. So I went to get up and tragically once again they did not work. I kind of just sat there for a minute and then finally pulled myself up by my desk. I then successfully extinguished the horror blackberry alarm noise.

Yes it’s crazy.
So now that I have fully explained my crazy feelings of unworthiness to do anything but lie here I'm going to go read a magazine or two , take some fucking notes on what I love.

 And then after that I’m going to shower and then do some yoga and become a Buddha whilst drinking tea and burning inscents. (Sorry dad)
So I’d like to toast to a brilliant night of my plan.

Sweet Dreams little fuckers

S.O Fashion

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  1. i fucking love you. be home soon, and we can do yoga and fuck shit up together <3