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With the snowstorm we've all been encountering lately i think this is a really important article for all us. take a read it might help, Thanks!

Have you ever been asked whether you like winter or summer better? Me, I always answer that I like winter better. It’s a beautiful season- Oh wintertime ! what a lovely thing, the calm white snow that gently falls from the sky like little feathers, the small children suiting up to make a snowman.
Everything about winter is just so appealing right? Wrong!
One of the worst things about winter is the wind. Yes the wind. Here’s the thing that many people don’t realize: you need to take just as good car of your skin during the winter as during the summer. The main thing we do during the summer is wear sunscreen right, our skin usually becomes rather raw because essentially it being burnt. The sunscreen is a type of defense against the weather.
            With winter we need to realize that w have to do the same thing even though the weather may seem less obvious. We need to create a defense against the harsh weather conditions. The best way to do this is by the following ways: Exfoliate, Moisturize and Protect.
            When your face is stricken with the wind it goes into defense mode and tries to defend itself. So when you enter an area that doesn’t have the pounding at the most sensitive skin on your body it tries to create a thicker skin. However, here’s the problem, acne is cause by a buildup of skin cells and oils on our faces, so unless your skin cell turnover rate is abnormally high you’ll need to exfoliate. By exfoliating you’ll be removing the layer of skin buildup, which will increase the radiance of the skin, and it’s cleanliness.
            Once the skin is rid of all those excess cells it becomes much more raw and dry. It’s extremely important to find a proper moisturizer that will nourish your skin comfortably. To do this talk to a dermatologist or even a skin specialist at a store such as Shoppers Drug Mart. Every month they have Reps from various companies come in to give makeup or skin consultations. It’s very important to find the right moisturizer for your skin otherwise your skin may have a reaction. Therefore be very conscious of what the product line is known for because that will give you a better understanding of what products to look into.

            The last thing is extremely important and relates to everyday skin care. Sunscreen, it’s a product that goes highly underrated however is the most important for anybody’s skin. Ever since we’ve been young our parents have been telling us how important it is to wear sunscreen however, we never really listen do we. Sunscreen not only protects us from cancerous rays but it also keeps our skin aglow. One of the greatest things I think that sunscreen does for our skin is protect it from wrinkles. Yes wrinkles. When the sun attacks our skin with its poisonous rays it removes elastic that causes our faces to droop. Bloodhound faces are definitely not an attractive thing and can be avoided with a simple moisturizer that has a minimum of 15 + SPF.
            So this winter when you’re getting ready in the morning or getting ready for bed try and incorporate the previous tips into your skin care regime I guarantee you’ll see a significant difference in your skins condition. However remember that skin care regimes take a minimum of two weeks to start showing results.

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