Alright so i realized a few weird things today... i'm changing. ya sounds weird right but wait.
i usually do things a certain way , i always buy certain things, i always paint my nails the same colour, just to name a few, however lately byt the powers of the universe i've stopped.


okay its simple things like splurging when usually i would save or painting my nails a different colour or just parting my hair differently but it actually makes a huge difference ! It opened up a door that i never knew i had the key to but if i did i probably would have been to scared to open anyways. Okay . so i opened the door and well it was a pretty glorious thing. it made me feel like i was doing something right. which i don't think a lot of us usually feel. Anyways i felt it and i loved that feeling , and it totally gave me the kick-in-the-butt-boost i needed.
I think i'm going to keep taking little risks and doing things differently like i have been cause it's been making me feel soo goood lately .

Ex: i usually part my hair to the side ( it's easier to hide behind )
but today after i took my hair down from it being wet due to a shower it fell into a centre part. I've tried a centre part before and well i thought my forehead looked big, but today it looked more like a Jillian Zinser 90210 kind of hair style. i know it seems silly but well it felt great and well it also means that i can't behind my hair anymore. will i keep it up ? we'll see .

so to those reading .. go do something that your scared of doing cause it feels so great, and if it doesn't work out the first time just remember there's more than one road to each destination ....

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