Heart like a lion

i'm sorry that lately that my posts haven't been too fashion related, on that frontier i sort of fail.

lately life has been throwing some  lessons at me. One lesson that i haven't really had to learn was the lesson about bravery.
i've never been much of a brave person, most people would just say that i have no filter, and while it may seem that what i'm saying is bold since i never really think about what i'm saying my bravery hasn't had to really kick in. 

lately i've gotten slightly boring and quiet, no clue why and well i've been thinking about what i say before i say it. weird eh aha.

well i've begun to realize that bravery plays a huge part in how we present something, we need to stop being scared and be strong. no word vomit but logic ,direct explanations that make complete sense. 
life is an oral presentation.
well spoken ideas need to be articulated and we need to stand behind ourselves.
just a thought that has been running through my mind since "lately i've been feeling like a coward more than ever." 
yes i really did just quote myself.

bought a shirt like this recently , i'm slightly in love, excessive wearing is yet to take place!

i love these, sad thing is they'll chip before she knows, but going along with today's theme of bravery i felt as though they needed to be showcased.  however her nails look too wet kinda turns me off . 

i am so overdue for a vacation you couldn't even imagine jut how badly, i desperately need a solid month of relaxation, frolicking in the sand, excessive drinking and couple massages with the gorgeous tanned Spanish princes i'll be dating. yes several aha.

i think that extreme sports require guts,bravery and balls. you better have your shit together before you go ride the tube and /or the barrel. i desperately need to be brave and try new things ugh

speaking of new things these are great and depending on where i say them and who was wearing them i'd probably be a little confused but i think they look great. i loved the sock trend for fall, i definitely want it to come back for FW 11, and if the world decides not too I WILL!
if you want something you go for it, and this trend is too sexy to pass up !

S.O Fashion

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