soup, freezies & skins

so i went to the doctor today and she told me i have strep throat.
i frowned.
she told me it's just starting.
i just have that gross body buzz, the sick one not the drunk one.
and then i went to buy soup and the lady at the check out was a bitch to me.
i wanted to cough strep throat in her face. ahaha.
the soup wasn't even that awesome, aka 2 points for her.
i bought freezies too. they're in the freezer.
but since i'm home today instead of working i of course was looking for some fashion worthy shots.

this picture was used in a photoshoot that was about greek gods.
they definitely captured it. 

i hate camo, and i don't like this bad either.
a pretty ginger

i am quite a Star Wars fan.
might be embarrassing cause it's considered nerdy -i like.
jar jar binks ♡

this is for my friend KS cause she does lovely things for other people and she deserves a smile.
too smile.

S.O Fashion


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