Rita Rita Ritaaaa

so lately i've been putting my brain into complete overdrive with pictures of brightly braided fishtails from weheartit.com
and then i received a lovely comment from a reader of my blog. it was lovely. and when i went onto her blog i saw some great pictures.
"Look out down Below "

i then realized it was worth a try and since someone so nice wrote on my blog i figured i'd try it out.
well i did me a solid and went to SDM and got myself some manic panic.

i got Ultra violet and Fuschia shock.
i'm hoping that the Fuschia tones down a little but i thoroughly am enjoying the violet.
strangely enough when i added the bright colours to my mane i felt new, revived. 
slightly different.
I first put a small streak on the underside of my hair. but it wasn't enough and it wasn't bright enough.
and then i put more, i added some fuschia too, this picture is slightly brutal because my hair looks completely scraggly, in real life it looks much nicer
i felt like braiding and photoshopping, i slightly love it.

I now have purple hair. go try it out, you'll love it.

S.O Fashion


  1. Wow, this looks cool!! Really like it:D

    Stop by some time:D


  2. i will for sure !
    follow my blog for new posts comin your way!

  3. Oh my Gosh, you wrote about me :O Well, Wild Child was my other blog, now I've got a better one :
    Well, today, while checking Wild Child I saw this and I'm like wow :O I'm following you, what a piece of heaven you are!