Dear everyone and anybody who reads this blog.
Female, Male, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, whatever it may be please keep reading.

Recently i haven't had the desire or urge to blog but most recently a great man brought something to my attention.
something very important.

UGANDA is currently trying to pass an act that will allow the killing of LGBT (lesbians, gay, bi, transgender)

first of all i would like to state that if you agree with this : GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG.

i'd like you too reach not too far back into history and remind yourself of a jerk named Hitler.

remember him?

if we take a look at what is currently going on in Uganda it's similar except they're passing a law too make this legal?
how fucked up is this world.
i thought all this bullshit had been extinguished.
apparently not.

as a human of the world it is our duty to stand up for others.

i'd like to ask you too sign the petition that will hopefully prevent this from happening. nobody deserves to be discriminated against. not even you.

below is the link to sign the petition, thank you.

S.O Fashion

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