sweat pants hair tied chillin' with no makeup on...

so today i worked and yesterday i worked and tomorrow i work.
and i have strep throat.
but i'm poor so i don't mind . aha
so right now i'm currently having some down time.

wool socks.
comfy sweater.
no makeup.
hair mask in, hair up.
tea & cold water.

i'm also currently watching Charlie's Angels which i must say is probably one of my favourite movies.
so i'm lying here i thought you might want to look at something that i might be thinking about.

So Zoe Saldana makes me want summer. her bright pastel yellow maxi dress makes me want easy breezy beautiful summer.
it makes me think of sand and makes me think of how she looks so beautiful and completely not overdone. 
this reminds me of what summer should be. beaches, sand mojitos bikinis and half naked boys. 
it makes me also want to be sun kissed, or man kissed... whatever wrks.

if realized that i desperatly need shoes i can wear everyday, but the problem is i'm sort of boring, i need to learn to dress with more colour and i would slightly love these shoes. i could rock em '.
i love laceups and i love grips and well they scream "rocknroll. bad girl. sex" i sort of love them.

i desperately need some leather, or bad in my wardrobe ..
i love models. it sounds so silly put they're china doll faces make me so jealous.
perfect skin, perfectly shaped eyes and lips and gorgeous bone structure.
Ugh fuck you both

 just because orange is in for spring , and because i love lipstick.

S.O Fashion


  1. Sweet Fashion Blog!!!!!
    Ps: Where are the shoes from!!! LOVE EM TO DEATH

  2. took me forever to find these boots !
    they are : Silk and black leather hiking boots Nicholas Kirkwood for Erd

    and 665 CAN

  3. Hey you :)
    I adore your blog... I feel like checking it everyday...You have such an awesome taste for fashion and you seem to be a cutie pie :)
    I love fashion too... Hope you see my blog and tell me what you think.
    Btw, you deserve way more followers!

  4. You, Rita, my dear, just wrote my new favorite comment ! i'm about to go check your blog right now !