why is it this cold.

you may say that i'm a dreamer. 
and i am. it's true.
one of my biggest dreams has been too be a dancer.

i know corny right. 
they say too follow your dreams. so i say it's about time i do. 
i think that i'm going to start taking some dancing classes. 
i used to dance and i was iight. 
i tried i loved it and i felt confident. 
so i think i'm going to go back too those days. the splits bustin a move.
the whole she-bang.
gotta start somewhere right.

so i think i'm going to start with some beginner classes.
we'll see how this goes.

it's my new years resolution.

i'm gunna stick with it.
i'm also going to stick with my workout and eating regimen because i have a glorious little pack of abs that are sprouting ahah.
love it.
imma have talent. 
i want more

imma do dis.

imma have legs like dis


i wanna be able too dance again,none of this bullshitt.

hot totty. imma look just as fly

my swag level is through the roof ahah

S.O Fashion

get ready bitches.


  1. dancing is so beautiful, good luck with your resolution!