i fins myself alone.

so today is a saturday slash sunday.
my stomach hurts, i can't sleep because i don't feel like it.
i want things too chage. i want fun. i want life. i want you.
those nights where you find yourself breathing thoughtfully with half open eyes. with thoughts hidden behind cares.
i don't think because i don't care.
i don't care because i don't think.

i was happier then. dancing on tables,bars, not giving a fuck, that's how it should be: not giving a fuck.

dear angelina jolie , you're the hottest when you're crazy.
you're pretty when you're normal.

one crazy bitch

i should probably move here.

i should probably find you , belive in you ?

it's almost christmas time and i can't wait too go home and be done this semester 1 more week. 
i'll be home the night of the 18th. 
see you later kiddies.

S.O Fashion

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