I want it all baby, give it too me give it too mee

oh baby.
So i dyed my hair darker
and i hate it. i'm a natural blonde and well i should be.

i thought blonde made me look too ditzy but i think i look sweet & sexy.
and i want that back. so viewed below are hair styles and colours i like.
i absolutely look best as a blonde, it brightens my complexion and makes green eyes stand out. not too mention my roots wont be black. yay

movie i need to see. i absolutely adore this woman.
the metaphor and the reality.
class and beauty at its finest. 
she's absolutely flawless, drives me too jealousy.

my hair from prom.
inspired by Lauren Conrad, the stylist did an incredible job.

My Natural Hair Colour. 
Crazy i Know. 
purple lipstick. 
Rawr Meow. 
whatever fuckin animal you want.
primal instinct is a bitch.

S.O Fashion

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