this is a problem.

so there's this problem which is appearing in my life. it has to do with love.
doesn't it always have to do with love.

the problem i have encountered is the fact that i constantly find that i have an angst towards the world. i can never figure out why but it's there.
i find that the world is not how it used to be nobody has compassion for one another. everything is always about ourselves.

i'm doing this thing where i try and make people feel better about themselves because i think that nobody's reminded enough.
unfortunately there's alot about people  that i don't like but therefore my comments are sincere because they're well thought out.

i love when people care. care about eachother. care about the world. care about something positive.
i care about fashion.
i think it's a great way too make us feel better. i like fashion because it helps me feel unique. i feel confident.and i think when used properly it can make people feel incredible.
i love this woman's body, she's toned and muscular. she's not skin and bones
she's beautiful.her hair is nice, the scene is well thought out.

i love YSL, i love that she is this chic without overdoing it.
i love that she looks powerful. 
i love that she's wearing a TURTLENECK and is still sexier than all of us.

i love that this is so true. 
i hate mediocre minds, i hate when they attack you.
i'm sorry that you aren't as smart as me.
i'm sorry that you trick people into liking you.
sucks eh..... shit.

i hate that i can't do everything i'd ever want to do in life.
i hate that i could never tell you i loved you.
i hate that i never punched you.
i hate that i never tried harder.
i hate that you're so nice even when i don't deserve it. 
i love that you're mine.

i love this. 
you are adorable. 
i love that this made you smile. i love that this provoked thought.

i love all of these.sheer and black.
give me MORE.

S.O Fashion

i hate that i can't change everything.
i hate that i can't help everyone.
i love that i can try.
i hope you will too.

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