oh jolly motherfuckers.

so christmas is coming up. yes i say christmas . i celebrate christmas.

not too mention shopping for others is so fucking difficult. luckily none of my family reads this.

i am going to get my dad some great new sweaters from H&M. who knew they had such an AMAZING sweater section for men  ! Honestly , love it way too much.

my mom is in desperate need of some makeup organization so maybe a new cosmetic bags. she also needs new jeans so definitely getting her a gift card too somewhere good.

my brother though is a little tougher too shop for. he likes bizarre stuff so i may have too goo on a limb and buy him something quirky and unexpected

grandma wants a wallet. and she also could use some hipper grandma clothes so we'll see what we find for her.

as of right now though thats the idea.

i'm still unsure of what to buy for the friends.
hmm .. you're so tricky.

S.O Fashion

Happy Holidays Motherfuckers.

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