Momentum motherfuckers.

So i'm a bad bitch ahah.
the momentum of the semester has started and i'm so excited.
it's funny because i'm listening to Ace Hood right now and this song just makes me want to conquer the world.
so as i type about feeling like a killer student this song is pumping me up ahah.
today was a quiet day but enough about that shit, fuck eh.

i've been thinking alot about what i want from my life, fashion wise etc.
i wanna be successful, helping people within fashion.
i want to be like kelly cutrone.
finding pure peace within a chaotic life, filled with worldly knowledge .
she's insightful, thoughtful and extremely reflective, but she's also a fucking power house. she kills it every time.

and most importantly she's learned from her mistakes, something i find extremely admirable.

i like putting things together and i love designing, to be honest i love fixing what i think people do wrong.

monday sucks , usually. but it's an opportunity to start things off right, every week.

business to bad.

cool shoes. 

goth bitch gone glam

love this shirt way more than normal sheer shirts.

i wish you succeeded more so i wouldn't feel like such a dumb bitches for liking you.
S.O Fashion

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  1. the fashion is great i love it
    cool awesome