Photoshhit and mad ski slopes.

so i'm currently at school.
doing "work"
slightly bored, not in the mood for school.
the momentum of this year has been crap. i need to get going but i don't want too .
ugh . oh what to do.
i'm scared for next year. and this year. 
i think i need to grab life by the balls. 
and everything.
i'm coasting through life and feel as though i should really do something about something right now.
i need a little more handle on things.
i've been working out at a normal rate. except i'm going to kick it up a notch on my cardio.
i was rocking a snowboarder look today, so comfy. Neff tshirt. Dakine Toque. Roots knapsack. Lulu Lemon Sweatshirt.
kicking-back Cabin Style.


So here i stay and here i lay. figuring out one thing at a time.
one day at a time
one hour at a time. 
one EVENT at a time.
This is Key.

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