sorry that i suck.

so, i hate being in school because i wish that i could devote more time to this blog. i wish that i could tell you about the great things i cook.
i wish i could do so much more with this. it sucks being this busy.
i want you to know that i've been trying new makeup trends.

i want you too know that i appreciate you reading it and subscribing to it.

alright well i'll tell you what is currently going on in my head.
i am going home this weekend for Winterlicious.
i'm thinking i want Seafood and oysters, or i want Brazilian.
something new and fresh.
i want you to remember to wash your makeup brushes.
i don't want you to get sick. 
saw a guy with a tongue ring the other day. never new men could wear piercings.

second thing. i'm hopefully going to a Dance battle on saturday night which i am SUPER excited about !
never been to one what do i wear . main question of the night ahah.

no not this kind of dance.
i also cooked a delicious Quinoa salad the other day. keeping it healthy. 
i'm also trying to drink more water . heard it's good for you.

my bods going to be this hottt.

and lastly i am so excited to see my family this weekend. and to not work and too simply get to enjoy their company.
gosh i miss them.

S.O Fashion
Hope you guys have enjoyed this weekend 

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