flakier than tony the tiger.

okay so with the new year here i've been thinking alot.
i've been thinking about my grades, school, love, and just people in general.
i've been thinking about family and friendships and what i want in life.

i've even been thinking about what i want out of life.
well when i think what i want from life i think about what i give into it, this revolves around fashion.

i've recognized that i've been giving life a half ass version of myself.
i dont work out hard enough, don't blog enough don't try har enough in school, i don't find enough inspiration.
all these things i know i could be better at.

so i think i'm just gunna try harder, as lame as that may sound. and well part of that is how i present myself. and how i do in school.
i want to create something beautiful and do something fantastic, so i'm going to.

i'm going to be carrying around disposable cameras and whenever i find inspiration i'm going to snap a picture, then get them developed and hopefully my ideas will ring clearer too me.
i love fur, sorry PETA. i love it doesn't mean i wear it.

tilapia's my favorite fish.

beautiful, i'm not really sure what is atop her head but it's beautiful she's porcelain and beautiful the colors are incredible

chocolate is fantastic

Pan's Labyrinth?

okay i love this one however i don't like that it looks like she's being stitched up like a doll.
the flowers however are lovely.

ashionable and completely related to the industry which i plan on working in, however sort of over done.
we get it hangers= fashion. 
unglamorous wooden holding devices. could've used velvet ones.

I need to start creating things. real things that i like and am willing to defend.
we'll see how this goes.

S.O Fashion 

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