it all starts somewhere..

So it occurred to me today while sitting in a yellow room, lit by the snow outside that i'm lazy. I want to achieve my dreams and yet I sit there and expect things to be handed to me ...
well this is no longer the case.
I'm taking life head on and this blog is the first step, how am I supposed to be heard if i never throw my words into the universe?

well let me tell you ,whoever you may be, that i applied for university today.
it wasn't quite the terrifying experience i thought it would be , but now i feel like the admissions department expects something brilliant of me.
thankfully i have someone i look up to, Nima.
she's brilliant and extremely colourful.
guaranteed you won't find one like mine.
but assuming you do hold on to them cause they are impossibly difficult to find.
sounds weird but as soon as have a little conference with Nima in the brightly lit yellow room i feel inspired. i feel as if i could think up a whole collection or well do anything i need to and should do. it almost puts me in a daze because i'm amazed at how much i can accomplish.
okay okay i know it sounds weird but listen.

i saw Nima today for lets say almost 1 hour and 44 minutes ok.
i left got home applied for university and started a blog. doesn't sound like a lot but it is.
i mean do you know how many blogs there are with the name fashion in them, well theres alot i almost quit , but thankfully for the magical energy that the brightly lit yellow room provides me i didn't i kept going and now i am fully content with the results. A BLOG OF MY OWN !
cool huh ..
i write my own ideas when i feel like it and those who are out there read it , well at least maybe they do.... i hope they do.

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  1. Spring dust. It's actually green (like a pretty bile colour) but I think mentioning a room that is lit like the sun is completely flattering. Maybe the hazelnut got to your head. Maybe that tea deserves the credit, not me.

    I'm glad to hear that whatever nudge I gave was rough enough to get you started but gentle enough to have you achieve on your own. I know what it's like to not want to get begin. But if starting is the hardest part, beat it to bits. I wish you all the best and I have no doubt that with your passion and willingness to learn, understand, and be inspired you will achieve those big dreams. It's those dreams that make you MORE than average.

    Thank you and thank yourself.
    With love.