Alright so today i had a premonition.. well i do realize its not my job to `premonate things however it is my duty to report.
So today as i was sitting in an intellectuals dream i looked up only to spot a friend of mine,Pixie. Similar to Nima, Pixie also has special influences upon me.
HOWEVER they are extremely diferent.
Pixie influences and nima encourages. not to say either of them dont have any other influences but those are the ones i that primarily stand out.
It sounds very weird but i see myself in both of them. when i relate myself to nima i see my subconcience and my artsy and quirky side reveal itslef. kind of like a window to my youth, but one of those big windows that people snek out of, none of those little windows that are painted shut and don't open.
and Pixie well let me explain it this way its like i'm an url on the website and im at the homepage, and she's a refresh button. so everything i like is done through her and through me.

Well now that you have a little backround information let me get to where i was going , because i think i've arrived. so as i looked up to pixie and she used her magic refresh tool upon me , something came to mind.
Fabrics are going to be huge these coming seasons, textures and patterns are going to be what fuels designs. these elements are going to have such an influence that it will be the electricity of the collection. Fabrics that you want to wrap yourself in because they make you think of cool nights on the beach wrapped in heavy chenille throws and those nicely knotted ones with big holes that kind of look like ponchos but aren't.

Reminds me of the Coco Chanel documentary/movie when
she opens up her new shop near the beach. She's seen wearing Andro clothes with an occasional wrap .
No to mention SS10 the key theme has been Androgynous ( Mizrahi ) vs. Soft and flowy ( Ricci & Valentino ) No to mention how great they are together.

Gucci ssRTW 09
:Cant help it but want my SS10 to be like any of the Dirty Dancing films.

DIEGO LUNA love of my life..

go fill your closet with things you like to touch.

Edit Note : Sorry for all of the mistakes it was slightly rushed.

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