DVF : da very finest..

Alright so seeing as this is a fashion blog and i have posted approx. 0 fashion related blogs i believe this is long over due .
Well i will begin with DVF since i love her like the worms love the earth, aka they rely on it to no end.
If you do not know who this is SHAME on you. She's brilliant , and her name is Diane Von Furstenberg. She stands to celebrate women's strength and confidence . Her clothes are beautiful and sexy and reflect everything it is to be a woman. Here are a few looks from her pre-spring 2010 collection which are absolutely divine. And that had i been rich i would currently own.

Well as you can see .. the clothes are gorgeous.
It's like she takes the images out of other women's heads and draws them into clothes. She just knows what we want to wear and how it should fit.
She has an act for designing clothes so that they are versatile enough that we can wear them from day to night and back again. They are also casual enough that throwing over a cardigan and belt could create a look which would prepare us for the office and they are fancy enough that throwing on a pair of strappy Giuseppe Zanotti multi coloured stoned embellished sandals can take you from day to night. She does it without making anything look to skimpy or trashy its just generously feminine and strong, and, the bold prints and large accents help draw attention not only to the clothes , but also to the woman which is what the clothes are truly about.
Colourful, Modern and Feminine.

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  1. Could she possibly repesent the woman you want to be?