Knits, Russians and Furs.

Alright, i need to get something of my chest... i love culture . I think its so important and i think we all need to know where we're coming from to know where were going . Ya i get sometimes we don't like the places we're coming from or going, but you should its part of who you are,
& well one of my most-guiltiest pleasures is when people dress in traditional clothing in a non-traditional way. I think it's creative,modern ,outspoken and shows they have pride in who they are. & so when i came across Russian Harper's Bazaar Oct 2009 i melted.

Dear Russian Harper's Bazaar your october 2009 editorial spread featuring Furs and over the knee lace-up boots.... brilliant. Congrats. (sorry I'm a few months late )

What i love even more is that when i think of Russians I think of furs and embroidered harem pants with brown leather boots and traditional fur caps . and although it wasn't quite like the picture seen below cause well it's a woman and she's wearing less clothing then the men. You can clearly see where the inspiration is being pulled away from and that is why i loveeee it.
Traditional Russian Attire featuring a dance pose.
It's got to be one of my most favourite winter/fall trends . that and of course Mark Fast's gorgeous knits. i love knits . i love how they are practical when you wear them with cute long-johns and fur boots . and i love when you can throw a knit sweater over a tank top and just curl up in-front of the fire. and i love that whenever you wear them you feel like you should be in a log cabin overlooking the mountains. It's great how all this can just be thought up through the idea of knit sweaters mmmm.
Apologies for my spectacular ranting aha: back to: Mark Fast.
Ok well he is an up and coming designer/ not really cause we already know who he is and love his work so i personally think he's already made it, but hey that's just me , but it should be what everyone thinks haha.
Did you know Lady Gaga's stylist approached him to ask for some of his gorgeous knits, for well whatever purpose, and he declined. I love Lady Gaga and i think she's incredible, but nonetheless good for him. He even explained "My work is about a lifestyle. It's not fast food fashion. It's not about trends, it's about classic, it's about the body, the beauty. Maybe that gets lost in the picture with certain celebrities."
I can totally agree with that, however i also believe that fashion is about exploration ,trying new things and having fun. So i guess it's kinda' like "to each there own " .

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