DVF: A story that had to be told...

Ok so today as i was looking at the new DVF Pre-Spring 2010' Collection i obviously had to also look at the Spring 2010' Collection, cause well i had to but, fearing overwhelming you i decided not to post anything .
I was being a loner and surfing the internet about how casey johnson (rip ♥) passed away and an ad on to my right for House of harlow 1960 jewellery popped up. unable to help myself i opened the Ad!
The contents within were beautiful.
Neckalaces with beautiful abalone inly charms etc..
And then i bright idea popped into my head , and as i put 2 and 2 together the lightning bulb orbitting around my crown lit up.

Harlows new 2010' Collection would go So beautifully with DVF's Spring 2010 Collection.....

Ok .. how gorgeous...
& the colours are so understated and you can put lots of it on at a time and there is lots of gold which i love and not as muh silver ,which i also love but not as much as gold.
Weird right cause when i was younger which wasn't too long ago i hated gold i thought it was old womanish and tacky and well i flat out did not like it. But now i love it cause its elegant and rich looking and goes beautifully with just about anything.
Alright now that i got that out of my system you need to go check out the new DVF Spring collection 2010' and let me know what you think..

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