Feel Good Mantra

Yesterday i read an entire magazine.
Usually, like everybody else, i'll skim through the magazine i'm reading, only stopping at certain pages. 
However i picked up a copy of Women's Health Magazine , the issue with Ashley Green on the cover.
Best decision I've ever made.
It's such a great read.
I learned tons of great shit that may prove to be very useful. 
Pick it up you won't regret it.
But what i'm trying to get to is this. 
Reading this magazine made me feel good. I know it sounds weird but it really is a feel good magazine.

From this magazine came this new idea... a  sort of feel good Mantra.
A mantra is :" a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation."
It's something you do to calm yourself or make yourself feel better.
That's the idea or the pain point i'm taking away form Mantra, not the repetition of word but the idea of doing something to make ourselves/yourself feel better.

Well I have begun my "Feel Good Mantra"
I'm doing small things everyday that normally i wouldn't do to make me feel better.
In a way it reminds me of the Lululemon bag.

Things like
Putting on Lotion
Wearing a new accessory
Doing Yoga
Running further than normal
Reading a book
Taking a hot bath
Trying something new
Doing something I don't like doing but knowing it's good for me


Stuff like this makes us feel good, it's weird but we might not not normally do these things and so when we do it feels like we've accomplished something . it's weird - but in a good way.
Note: i tried doing Yoga on my own and i love it ! 

This website is great for new positions 

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